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How to get from the car park to Kraków-Balice airport?

The car park is located about 1 kilometre from Balice airport. We offer our clients free-of-charge transport to the terminal. The transfer takes 3 minutes at most and is carried out on a current basis. Just inform us that you wish to get to the airport. We also collect clients after they arrive back from their trip. Once you have reclaimed your luggage, call us and our driver will be there to pick you up in a matter of minutes.

At what times is the transport to the airport carried out?

Transport to the airport is carried out 24 hours a day. First air-planes leave Balice at about 6 am, so we usually do first rounds at about 4 am.

What to do if my flight back to Balice is delayed?

You do not need to inform us that your plane is going to be late. Just call our driver after you have reclaimed your luggage. Delayed arrivals even of late flights are no problem to us, because we are open 24/7.

Is it necessary to reserve parking space in advance?

Reservation is not mandatory, but it is advisable. Thus, you are sure that there will be parking space available for you. The car park can be 100% occupied, especially during summer and winter holidays and long weekends.

How much in advance should I reserve the parking space?

The sooner you reserve, the better. It is especially important in the summer. Of course, you can also reserve your space a few hours before your flight, or even arrive without a reservation; but then we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a spot for your car.

Can I make a reservation by phone or e-mail?

You can reserve your parking space in a number of ways: you can fill in the form on our website (which is the quickest way), phone us, or e-mail us (remember to include the date of reservation, name and surname, car registration number, make and model of the car).

Is there a charge for cancelling a reservation?

Cancelling a reservation is free of charge.

Will my car be safe at the car park?

The car park is guarded 24/7, protected, fenced, and has a gate — so, yes, your car is safe with us.

How fast do I have to leave the car park after I have paid?

We understand that you would like to rest a while after your return flight, before you set off on a further trip. You can pay for the parking and stay for 25 minutes more. After this time, we will start charging the parking fee again.

How can I pay for parking?

We accept payments in cash or by bank transfer. We do not accept payment cards.

Do you accept payments in a currency other than PLN?

You can pay in PLN or EUR. If you choose the second option, we would be glad if you could have an exact amount. We give change in PLN only.

Is the car park open at night, too?

The car park is open 24 hours a day. At all times, there is staff at the car park, always ready to assist you.