Balice Airport Car Park

450 parking spaces on hard-paved area. CCTV system and security guards 24/7.

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Three main advantages of the car park: it's inexpensive, safe, and close to the airport.

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Car park in Balice with low prices and huge opportunities

Clients choose our car park not only for the price and safety but for plenty of additional services offered to increase the comfort of your travel.

More about us

Balice Car Park — our services

An inexpensive car park next to the airport does not need to mean low quality and low range of services. We prove it is just the opposite. For our clients, we have prepared not only parking spaces on professionally paved ground. We offer passengers departing from Balice airport a possibility to weigh their luggage, secure it with stretch wrap, use Wi-Fi, and 24/7 assistance in case of any problems with their car. For owners of electric and hybrid cars, there is a vehicle charging station. Our security staff and CCTV guarantee the safety of cars left at our car park.

What clients say about our car park

Why do clients choose our car park? There are many reasons.

  • First, the convenient location in Balice and quick transfer to the airport, operating on a current basis, 24 hours a day.
  • Second, friendly and helpful staff, offering aid also in case of problems with starting your car.
  • Third, a very simple and quick on-line reservation system. Just fill-in a few fields to book your parking space. You can also call or e-mail us.
  • Fourth, good surface of the car park and a professional protection system, including a CCTV surveillance. And finally, very attractive prices.

Balice Car Park vs transport by taxi

You can get to Balice airport using a few different means of transport. The cheap ones, such as the city bus or train are rarely comfortable, especially when travelling with lots of luggage. A more comfortable but more expensive alternative is to go by taxi. A ride from the centre of Kraków to Balice airport and back will cost you about PLN 100-140. The first day at our car park costs PLN 10; a week — PLN 40; and two weeks — a bit over PLN 80. These simple calculations show that the most economical and convenient way to commute to Balice airport is to go in your own car and leave it at our car park.

How to find us?

Panda Parking

ul.Krakowska 164




If you don’t know how to find us, just enter “Panda Parking” in Google Maps.